Portable Bacteria Killing Robot

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Our Portable Bacteria Killing Robot is a smart robot with artificial intelligence and 18 sensors built-in. It uses FOUR UV-C lamps to blast away 99.99% of germs and bacteria on any surface. This proves how effective this Bacteria Cleaning Robot is. Disinfect with different cleaning modes to provide a healthy environment. 


  • Convenience: It is light and easy to use, and you can just turn it on and go!
  • Pocket-Sized:  Convenient travel size, lightweight, and easy to pack!
  • Extra Power Bank: Need quick charging on the go? It is also a portable charger!
  • Healthy Life: Don't get sick when traveling!
  • Press and GO: For clean, safe beds just press power and leave it alone!
  • Stay Healthy:  CleanseBot kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria and helps prevent the spread of airborne viruses!